FRC's Commitment During COVID-19

Here at Federal Resources Corporation (FRC) we continue to support our customers and mission partners even during the most trying of times, such as the challenge and uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused throughout the world.  Mission support is often more critical in a situation like this due to the essential work our mission partners perform on behalf of our country and citizens.  We take our role very seriously and will continue to provide whatever our partners require that balances both mission and community need during this crisis.

The health and safety of our employees and mission partners is a top priority as we commit to maintain business continuity. FRC will continue to communicate with our government partners, customers and employees regarding necessary operational adjustments as circumstances continue to evolve.  As more information becomes available, or conditions change, we will proactively communicate to ensure our employees and mission partners are notified quickly.

Existing status – as of 18 Mar 2020

FRC employees not onsite at a government program or mission partner

As of 12:00 am midnight ET Wednesday March 18, FRC employees are to work from home.  We are taking steps to limit disruption to customers and mission partners.  FRC will keep this remote work policy in place until further notice.

FRC employees onsite at a government program or mission partner

FRC onsite employee’s tele-work or remote work eligibility will be determined by policy from the government department, agency, or mission partner they support.  FRC program managers and/or HR will communicate to individuals their remote work status no later than 12:00 am midnight ET Thursday, March 19th.

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