Employee Highlight - John Bender, Communications & Marketing Assistant

John Bender, a Wilson, New York native, is a rising senior at Gannon University where he studies Marketing. In addition to being a student, John is a collegiate athlete on the Gannon University Men's Baseball Team.

What is your current role?

My current role is communications and marketing assistant. I help assist FRC with reaching goals set to increase awareness of the company. Prior to my current role, I was a student intern with FRC where I worked on various marketing/admin related tasks.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I truly enjoy the atmosphere set at Federal Resources Corporation. Since the day I started everyone helped me out and treated me like I was family. It is easy to see that everyone enjoys their time here, working collectively for one goal. Even employees in other departments are super friendly and easy to learn from. I like this job because I am set up to succeed. I have great people that I am learning from and with this environment I am apt to learn.

What are future plans?

My future plans are to continue learning the skill of marketing and pursue making a career in marketing upon graduation.

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