Employee Highlight - Andrew Turner, Account Executive

My Name is Andrew Turner and I am an Account Executive covering the DoD focusing on Navy, Fourth Estate, Cocom, NATO, and others as seen fit.  Before I entered the industry, I served in the US Army (Signal Corps) as a 25U attached to 1ABCT1-41FA with the 3rd Infantry Division located in Fort Stewart GA.  There I was in charge of various communication equipment from IT networks to Radios. For anyone unaware of Field Artillery equipment it’s heavy, robust, and has to fit in cramped quarters.  During my time in this role, we detached for a year to help with Operation Atlantic Resolve in Eastern Europe. 

After my time in the military, I began my career at DLT Solutions where I was in charge of the Symantec business and relationship.  It was there I met Jeremy Young, and Sarn Bien Aime. They were taken back by the relationships I was able to forge with the vendor and my ability to learn, study, and disseminate technical information to customers and secure high level meetings. After booking $20M in business on the Symantec team, I followed Jeremy and Sarn to FRC to become an outside rep.

Being part of the FRC team since the early stages I can already see the growth and trajectory of this company from our day to day efforts, culture, and commitment to our customers mission.  FRC believes in serving our three customers, our Vendors, for me the warfighters, and lastly our community.  When it comes to our vendors,  instead of representing 300+ we represent approximately eight. We hold these relationships close and enjoy watching them grow over time.  Since being a part of FRC, I have enjoyed being a contributing factor to watching the McAfee relationship grow, and the same can be said for the OKTA and Splunk line. 

I have recently relocated to Erie, PA where our HQ is located and look forward to watching this company grow from the inside out. Outside of work, I like to volunteer at the VA where I work with at risk veterans with PTSD and addiction.

                My goal is to watch and contribute to FRC’s Growth utilizing our key values to our three customers. After working under many different leaders in my career, FRC's culture speaks volumes to how positive growth and hard work can carry us anywhere.         

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