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Serving the mission of the country and the federal government is a passion of our leadership and team, and is reflected in everything that we do.  Our 'Mission Wall' in Erie, PA is a testament to our passion for making our mission partners more successful.


One look at our 'Mission Wall' in Erie, PA will tell you a lot about our employees - they take the time to understand the importance of our mission partners' success, and what it means to our country and government.  Our employees are our core strength and people we heavily invest in so they can meet their long term personal and professional goals.


A mission focused aggregator such as Federal Resources Corporation tries to encompass the entire mission lifecycle whether it's the identification of a mission need, removal of an obstacle, or an improvement opportunity.  To do this, we identify, prioritize, and partner with technology companies whose products, services, solutions, or processes can help us ensure our mission partners' success.


When Federal Resources Corporation relocated to Erie, PA, a Historically Under-Utilized Business Zone (or HUBZone as designated by the Small Business Administration), it was to fulfill a promise that Jeremy Young, our CEO made to his hometown:  to bring economic opportunity, ongoing training and education, and a thriving business for the community to share in and be a part of.  Our website celebrates Erie's historic skyline, and Erie plays a part in everything we do.


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